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Who we are

The Great Oregon Wine Company was established out of a love for fine wine and an innate appreciation for the farm-to-table culture and flavors of Oregon. Every bottle of wine crafted honors what it means to be a true Pacific Northwesterner and delivers its own belief that wine should be enjoyed as it was meant to be – celebrating life with friends and family around a bountiful table. 

We believe that wine is more than just sustainable farming; for us that is mandatory for any wine. We believe that wine is inherently meant to be enjoyed by everyone without worry. So, in 2012, we embraced science in our winemaking. Each of our wines is tested by the Clean Label Project to ensure the lowest levels of environmental and industrial contaminants and toxins such as heavy metals. This starts in the vineyards and the lifelong friends and farmers we choose to partner with and is controlled in the cellar and on the bottling line with great care. As innovators in the Oregon wine industry, we are the only winery to be certified pesticide-free by the federal government and were among the first commercial vineyards in Oregon to remove glyphosate from our wines. We are currently in the process of certifying our winery and vineyards as organic.

Our final promise to you is to craft wine that is better for you and affordably priced. We place quality, value and social responsibility above all other considerations. We make our world class wines under the watchful eye of Master Sommelier Brett Zimmerman in small, 1.5-ton batches that allow us to put more care and attention into each bottle. Every bottle sold allows The Great Oregon Wine Company to give back to the community through a broad range of charitable causes including The Humane Society of the United States, the Wetlands Conservancy and the Life Time Foundation.

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