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Our Commitment

The Great Oregon Wine Compnay & Duck Pond Cellars are committed to doing good in the world. Period. We are passionate innovators, placing quality, value, product purity and good samaritanism above all other considerations.

We are proud supporters of The Humane Society of the United States and the Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife's Conservaton Program, just to name a few.



As innovators and responsible stewards for our shared environment, we are the only winery to be certified pesticide-free by the federal government and we are among the first commercial vineyards in Oregon to remove glyphosate from our vines. We are currently in the process of certifying our winery and all of our vineyards as organic.


In 2012, we embraced science in winemaking. Each of our wines is tested by the Clean Label Project to ensure the lowest levels of environmental and industrial contaminants and toxins such as heavy metals. This starts in teh vineyards and with the lifelong friends and farmers we choose to partner with, and is controlled in the cellar and on the bottling line with great care.

Charitable Giving

We are committed to supporting local communities and giving back as much as we can. We are unfortunately unable to donate to all the worthy causes in our community, and instead offer all qualified 503(c)(3) organizations special pricing on select wines for use in their fundraising efforts. Click here take a look at our special pricing program or reach out to Erin at ErinF@DuckPondCellars.com